I finished this! The comic took too long, because I kept putting off finishing it. It frustrated me that it was always “close” to being done, but I never made the effort. I recently started joining some Google hangouts to draw with other artists and that helped keep me in check to power through and finish this comic. Because I spent a long time on such a few short pages I have come up with a list of things I am proud of and things to work on.

Proud of:

  • HANDS! I tried my best to draw actual hands instead of stubbles for the characters when it isn’t for a stylized effect. There is a page with stylized hands, but I made an effort to actually draw hands and fingers.
  • I completed it (this is very big to me).
  • Getting a little bit more control over my lines.
  • Texturing is a little better

Needs work:

  • Hands (hahahaahahahahahahhhahaha).
  • Rendering is a bit too simple for me. I want a more contoured look.
  • Pacing is too quick. I thumbnailed it and tried to get the words I wanted out in the least amount of pages possible. I lost the energy and absurdity of it by going through it too quickly and not really thinking how to let those aspects shine.
  • It took too long to do just 5 pages, in my opinion.
  • The lettering.

Anyways, on to the next one!


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