One More Trip (Journals and Drawings from Seattle, Portland, and Ghana)

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One More Trip is a compilation of finished journals and drawings from my trips to Seattle, Portland, and Ghana.

In December 2013, I took my first solo trip to Seattle, Washington, journaling and drawing the city over 8 days. I wanted my trip to be encompassed in more than just photographs and stories, so I drew every day to gain familiarity with this new city I was in. Over the upcoming year I took solo trips to Portland and Ghana, journaling and drawing these places as well.

I started doing art over 3 years ago in 2012, after being inspired by the book Emitown. She had taken several months of her life and did a daily comic for each of those days, which was an eye-opening experience. “I want to do this!” I told myself, as I began learning how to draw over the upcoming months in an effort to get decent quickly enough to journal my daily life. I would draw groceries, coffee I drank at peets, tacos I consumed from Taco Bell, comics I bought from Alakazam! Comics, and people. My efforts in daily journaling had mixed results; I would be able to draw every day, but it would be difficult to make a completed piece about my day consistently for long periods of time.

During this time I started urban sketching, drawing the places I was in. This initially started as the interiors of Peet’s or Taco Bell, but I eventually started walking around campus looking for scenes to draw and traveling to neighboring cities to find new places to capture.

A year later when I was planning my trip to Seattle, I knew I could leverage what I had learned from the year of drawing to make my vacation worth more than the days I would be spending there. The drawings and sketches I completed while there would allow my friends to watch my trip unfold and become a little guide for people who would want to visit. I had found something I really enjoyed, capturing the places and stories of where I went, ranging from the weather, outdoor markets, to the best coffee in town. Portland and Ghana were a continuation of this principle, and I hope to continue doing this with new and old places I visit.

The Book
The book can be acquired on my Gumroad for a pay what you want structure. You may purchase it for $0 if you like, just enter $0 into the book and claim the item. I would appreciate a few dollars to help my pay for art supplies that allow me to continue drawing, but no pressure!

Gumroad link to book

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