One More Trip (Future ebook)

Releasing on 25th December 2015!

My very first solo trip I had to plan by myself was when I went to Seattle, Washington in December 2013. I left shortly after Christmas and spent the New Years in a frigid, unfamiliar city. All of it was overwhelming and new, the environment, people, restaurants, weather, and even the food. I wanted to document my time there and drew urban sketches, journal entries, and sketchbook pages to share with my friends. After that trip ending up taking solo trips to Portland and Ghana in 2014, documenting my time there as well.

I am going to be releasing an ebook that compiles all my artwork and journal entries from those three trips as well as additional commentary on the pieces. It will be released on Gumroad as a pay what you want option (yes, that even includes getting it for free!)

I’m shooting for it to be released sometime this month, shooting for December 23rd. Please sign up on my Gumroad for more updates!

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Update history

Ebook Update (Layout)

One More Trip Update (Release Date and Sample Pages)

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