The Nao of Brown Book Review

Nao of Brown

The Nao of Brown by Glyn Dillon is a book about Nao Brown, a woman working
part time at a toy store and as a freelance illustrator. She also has OCD,
arising in abrupt, violent thoughts, managed by her ritualistic compulsions.
Rendered in beautiful watercolor, this book depicts the daily life and
tribulations of Nao through her interactions with friends, love, and the OCD
that plagues her. Due to being initially uniformed on OCD, I missed many things on the first read. On the second it was more fascinating, as I
caught and began to understand Nao’s subtle mental and physical compulsions to
manage her OCD. Exquisitely drawn and written, The Nao of Brown delves a
little deeper into a life with OCD, a disorder that many probably “know”
about, but not fully understand.

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